Top Team


Lucy Alcorn- President and Chief Executive Officer
Working with the GFS Management Team, Ms. Alcorn directs the policies, focus and direction of the Company and manages the finances ensuring that all projects are properly funded. She is an active community member serving on a number of notable civic and non-profit organizations.


Clifford Guzman - Vice President/Technical Operations
With a background in engineering, planning and management, Mr. Guzman leads GFS administration, contract compliance and project management. His focus includes budget control, client contact & coordination, technical direction and overall operations of the company.


David Alcorn – Vice President/New Business Development
Mr. Alcorn is experienced at all levels of contracts management and product development. Mr. Alcorn's primary focus is on pursuing new business ventures and strategic planning. Working with the management team, Mr. Alcorn assists in the preparation of bids and corporate  communications.