R & M , A/C




Did you know that regular preventive maintenance is critical to keeping air conditioners running efficiently?  That’s right!  If your air conditioners have not been cleaned within the past few months they could be working overtime and wasting costly electricity to maintain your desired temperature setting.  Regardless of when an air conditioner was installed, it can only deliver the designed SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) if it is kept free of energy robbing dirt, dust, and clogged coils.


If you are still relying on an older model air conditioner it may very well be costing you too much money to operate.  Replacing older inefficient units with an “Energy Star Rated” or one with a minimum of rating of SEER 13 can save significantly in energy consumption.  It’s not uncommon for home owners to realize that a new energy efficient air conditioner can pay for it self several times over in energy cost savings throughout its expected operation life.


Of course air conditioners are like many other complex devices.  The occasional and eventual malfunction is inevitable and break-downs become more probable as each unit gets older.  However some common breakdowns can be repaired easily and relatively expensively to avoid the cost of replacing an otherwise viable unit.


GFS Group is committed to scheduling our skilled technicians to service you’re existing air conditioners, or install a new one, when it’s convenient for you.   We never charge you for travel time to & from your home or business like others do.   We offer highly competitive services rates and quality products to meet the needs of our valued residential and light commercial customers on Guam.  


Give us a call and see for yourself what a difference GFS Group can make for you.