The GFS Group has been managing and operating various aspects of the U.S. Navy Base on Guam since 2003. We began with a sub-contract to operate the Bachelor and Transient Quarters for the A-76 BOS Contractor and today we are proud to be the first Guam-based prime contractor for the entire Navy Housing Program which includes both Family and Bachelor Housing as well as the newly re-designated Navy Gateway Inns and Suites. Utilizing best commercial practices and industry standards in accordance with applicable Navy directives and instructions, our team of experienced and capable managers along with their support staff have consistently exceeded our client’s expectations. Because we live and work on Guam, we understand the challenges present in a small, remote island environment - particularly in the areas of human resources, facility and equipment maintenance, supply availability, and contingencies such as earthquakes and typhoons.


Family Housing

Quality of life in any forward deployment arena begins with a welcoming attitude and a well-organized operation that is customer-centric from start to finish. Our housing counselors ensure that service members and their families are offered the best in convenience and support as they transition to their new homeport on Guam. Responsible for managing both on and off-base housing, our team is trained and, where applicable, certified in all Navy Housing instructions, directives and policies. This assures our customers that they will be well served throughout their entire tour of duty. With over 1,500 on-base homes in inventory and over 1,200 off-base rentals, our operation runs the full gamut of Family Housing activities including assignment and termination, civilian rental, inspection and validation of homes, asset management and a host of other requirements. This includes managing over 60,000 items of government furnished equipment, loaner furniture and appliances. Our seasoned warehouse team has refined the storage, distribution, maintenance and tracking of this property to an art. We have worked closely with the Navy in this area to develop an 8-year furniture replacement plan to help maximize the utility of each asset during its life cycle while enabling proper budgeting of replacements to keep the inventory from become outdated. In addition, we manage the Navy’s Self-Help stores which carry a selection of loaner equipment and supplies available to on-base residents at no cost for those who enjoy “do-it-yourself” projects.



Bachelor Housing & Navy Gateway Inns & Suites

We understand just how important a role the Navy Housing program plays in the quality of life for single sailors and visitors. We have a “hands on” team with extensive expertise in Bachelor Housing and Visitors Quarters programs. From reservations and front desk operations to housekeeping and facility maintenance, our team ensures that our Bachelor Housing and Navy Gateway Inns & Suites operations represent the very best in hospitality and comfort. We currently manage and operate 1,251 permanent party rooms, 224 diverted family housing units and 576 transient party rooms on a 24/7 basis. These facilities are spread across 37 separate buildings on two Navy bases and at Andersen Air Force Base. Utilizing the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites’ epitome, Performance Based Management Support Systems and Checkpoint programs, all guest transactions are properly recorded and measured on a daily basis. All work is performed in compliance with the Navy’s Bachelor Housing Accreditation Program (BHAP).



Repair & Maintenance

On average, our repair and maintenance team responds to over 950 service calls per month for everything from minor household repairs to chilled water systems, pest control, fire alarm and radon mitigation systems. We maintain a full complement of service professionals in various disciplines necessary to execute the required repairs. In addition, we operate an extensive quarterly Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) program specially designed to accommodate Guam’s tropical environment. Our team of service technicians have consistently met or exceeded all areas of contract performance standards garnering high accolades from our customers and praise from our client. Our repair and maintenance program is supported by a 24/7 trouble call center, a full stock of supplies and equipment, and a well maintained fleet of service vehicles. All service calls, work schedules, inventories and recordation are store-housed in our own custom-built MAXIMO Enterprise Solutions database configured to help maximize efficiency and accountability of our entire repair and maintenance operations.